Mascara is like beauty’s metaphorical wheel; is it possible to reinvent it?Some say yes – and it’s called tube mascara.Unlike traditional mascara that most commonly coats lashes in waxes, tube mascara encapsulates eyelashes with extension-like tubes. Most tube mascaras are water-resistant and able to power through challenging situations like humid rain showers and intense workouts with nary a problem.Also unlike regular mascara, you typically don’t need eye makeup remover to take it off; most tubes simply slip off whole when cleansing with warm water.QUIZ: What Mascara Should You Be Using?While the improved Teflon-tough wear is a bonus, one of the drawbacks is that it’s often difficult to layer up tube mascara past one full coat, due to the molecular structure of the tubes.Curious to try? Check out some of the launches into this unique category below.Blinc Mascara, $25. A leader in the tube mascara trend, this one-step application forms tubes after about two minutes of drying, and promises budge-proof volume and length through whatever rigors you may put your lashes through.L’Oréal Paris Double Extend Beauty Tubes, $10.95. After prepping with a nourishing base coat rich in ceramides and panthenol, top with tube-setting mascara that is resistant to smudging and clumping.D.J.V. Beautenizer Fiberwig LX, $24. A curved brush lends lift to a glossy, black formula replete with botanicals, silk fibers and strengthening panthenol.