Anti-aging is probably the most buzzed about term in dermatology. We all want to stop the clock and ensure that our skin doesn’t reveal our age (or–gasp!–make us look older when we actually are). The biggest culprit when it comes to aging skin? Sun exposure. And yet I see so many people soaking up the sun even though they know it’s harmful. When I ask them why, they say they just want that “healthy glow.” They’re failing to realize that they are aging themselves prematurely. The key to a healthy, glowing complexion is avoiding sun damage and using doctor-recommended treatments that leave your skin looking radiant.Here are just a few of the many options available:Fraxel Re:Store for sun spots: This revolutionary laser is outfitted with a dual hand piece that provides a one-two anti-aging punch: One side of the device is the traditional Fraxel 1550 to improve texture, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, shrink pore size and tighten skin. The other side is the 1927 laser that works on melasma and solar lentigos, the brown spots brought on by sun exposure.Sclerotherapy for spider veins: Spider veins are incredibly common and keep many woman from wearing shorts and skirts. Sclerotherapy can help eradicate embarrassing spider veins. The procedure involves injections of a solution that causes minimal, if any, discomfort. Keep in mind there is a recovery period.Laser hair removal: Excess hair doesn’t make you older, but the extra fuzz can prevent you from feeling like you look your best. Not only does laser hair removal ensure smooth, hair-free skin, it is also a major time-saver in the long run.MORE: Prevent Aging SkinIsolaz for pore perfecting: A clear, blemish-free complexion is key to looking and feeling fresh.  Most of us go light on the makeup when the weather’s warm, making a clear complexion even more important. Isolaz is like a mini-vacuum for the face that sucks all of the impurities from your pores.Above all, make putting on sunscreen an essential part of your daily anti-aging regimen. I recommend placing sunscreen next to the items in your medicine cabinet that you use every day, such as your facial cleanser, toothpaste and deodorant. The other keys to looking your best are moisturizing from head to toe, staying hydrated and getting ample beauty rest.