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Goodbye, liquid foundation! Goodbye, powder! Goodbye, foundation brushes! Goodbye, drugstore sponges! There’s a new sheriff in town and she’s called Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder Foundation — a foundation that goes on like a powder but covers your blemishes and evens out your skin tone, rather than lightly setting your makeup. I received this product as a sample from Urban Decay, but I’ll be replenishing it myself just as soon as it runs out.

Product: Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder Foundation

Price: $36

We Think:

How To Use It: You probably don’t need me to tell you this, but Urban Decay excels at packaging: pretty in a hard-edged feminine way, but also functional. This powder foundation comes in a solid, sturdy compact, which itself comes in a small purple back in case you want your precious products to be extra-protected while carried inside your purse.

In your compact, you get a decent sized amount of product and a large, good quality sponge. You can dampen the sponge to apply the powder wet (it goes on slightly creamy but dries quickly and looks faintly like dried clay) or just fluff it on with a regular powder brush. Applied wet, the powder appears slightly matte; applied dry, it goes on more matte-ified. You can wear Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder Foundation with concealer, but it’s a heavy enough foundation that you skip that time-consuming step if you’re in a rush. (And who isn’t in the mornings?)

Results: I have to say: I’m a beauty editor and I’ve used a lot of foundations, a lot of powders, and a lot of powder foundations. This is honestly my favorite product in all three categories. The price point might scare away women on a drugstore beauty budget, but in my opinion it is 100% worth the splurge to get great quality makeup in solid packaging with fantastic staying power. (Obviously just swatch it on your skin first at your local Sephora so you make sure you get the right color!)

True to Urban Decay’s advertising copy, this powder foundation actually does feel “velvet-y” on the face, despite being heavy enough to cover redness and blemishes on it’s own. My face normally eats up makeup like a golden retriever at chowtime, but this comes off at night on my makeup wipes like it’s supposed to.

My only wish is that Urban Decay make a version of this powder foundation that isn’t demi-matte. Even though this powder feels light, matte makeup — even demi-matte makeup — can have the effect of a full-on “I’m wearing foundation!” look. It’s not cake-y but you will look like you’re wearing makeup. (For some of us, though, that’s the point!)

Disclaimer: I received Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder Foundation as a sample.