After prepping your hair (get the full instructions here), try a classic pinup look.This pinup staple is supposedly named for its resemblance to a victory maneuver of World War II fighter planes. To make a roll like the one shown on the right side of my head, grab the section of hair starting just above your ear and going up to the point where bangs begin (or would begin if you had them), and section into a triangle.Starting at the roots, backcomb the underside of the section, then skim the front part lightly with the surface of your smoothing brush (don’t brush through). Wrap hair around your hand, with a bit of help from the other hand to keep it going until it lies in a tight roll against your head. Discreetly secure on each side with bobby pins and finish with hairspray.Once you’re good at making the basic shape, you can experiment with different variations, like the hybrid wave/roll shown in the front of my hair, or you can do a roll on each side.