There’s an old saying – “Nothing new under the sun”. And it’s proving to be absolutely true in our society when it comes to hair and makeup. Whether it’s the full afro, purple eyeliner or the pixie cut, we see many beauty trends being recycled over and over again. Take a look at some major beauty trends that have evolved over time to see where they are now:

Beehives: Back in the 60s, beehives made waves on all the teenagers of that era – especially when groups like the Ronettes wore it. These days aren’t much different. You see people like Snooky from Jersey Shore rocking them. You can also catch many celebs rocking them on the red carpet.

Platinum Blonde: When Marilyn Monroe rocked the blonde do, suddenly everyone wanted to be a blonde. This look made such a huge impact that it still holds strong today.

Blunt Bangs: In the 70s, you saw a rising trend with blunt bangs. You could either wear it with short hair or long flowing locks. The trend is huge today, especially among super star models like, Tyra Banks.

Hair Flowers: Hair flowers pretty much solidified the carefree look of the 60s and 70s. This beautiful and feminine look still looks beautiful today. The only difference is, the flowers are smaller and more subtle.

Full Afro: Back in the 70s, Pam Grier owned the look of the afro. It’s made a huge comeback now that more and more women are embracing their natural look and are making products to match.

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