Let’s all thank our teenage years for giving us a streak of DIY hair experimentation. It made us fearless in trying new things and just going for it, but it also left us ironing, blow-drying, dyeing, and ultimately damaging our hair.

It feels fantastic having a new hairdo or color, but as the style or color fades, we’re left with weaker hair that doesn’t seem as glossy or thick. Noone likes having damaged hair, so we’re taking a cue from Kylie Jenner and all our favorite celebs. It’s time to style some wigs!

The possibilities are endless with a wig, so grab a few to change up your look every week.

Getting a different color wig than your own

If your hair can’t handle more chemical treatments and you find it breaking off often, it’s time to grab a wig. While human hair is a lot more versatile, it might be worth it starting with a high-quality synthetic wig. Synthetic wigs are pre-styled and can be worn right out of the box, so they are the easiest to work if you’re not used to wigs yet. You can get one in your favorite color and cut.

Styling a short hair wig

Short hair wigs may seem like a challenge to wear when you have long hair, but if you go for the right kind of wig, it’s surprisingly easy to pull it off. Make sure to get a wig cap to hold your hair and utilize clips to tie your hair underneath.

Styling a long hair wig

For this particular style, you will have to clip your hair carefully. If you are opting for a cap wig, then you will need to tie your hair in a bun, but if you are going for a lace wig, then you will have to adjust the clips and the lace that falls on your forehead. Use wig glue to secure the lace wig around your face for extra hold.

Styling a wig into the perfect hairdo requires you to wash it and condition regularly. Human hair wigs require a lot more maintenance. Because they are made up of real hair, it’s prone to damage just like actual locks. They’re still cheaper than a salon visit and protect your own hair, which is a win-win.