Some women dream of the perfect wedding day, a vacation to Europe or a break-the-bank shopping spree. But if you’re anything like us, going three straight days without having to shampoo sounds like the ultimate fantasy.Good news: dreams do come true. Our experts say that your hair can still look and feel great on day three. Basically, it all comes down to preempting oil and dirt buildup on the scalp, which zaps volume and turns strands stringy. Create your own strategy by targeting the factors that contribute most to your hair getting grimy with help from our tips outlined below.

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At the Gym: Try this trick: Cut up a pair of old or cheap opaque stockings, using one piece as a make-shift headband, and another piece to tie your hair into a ponytail. “The soft material doesn’t leave indentation marks and absorbs perspiration at the hairline,” says Warren-Tricomi Salons founder Edward Tricomi. If you have shorter hair, just fashioning a thick headband at the hairline should help preserve your style.Fine Hair,

Skip Product: Fine hair goes limp faster with product applied to strands, particularly silicone and oil-based stylers that attract dirt to this hair type like a magnet. “Use dry product like hairspray instead, which you can spray into the roots for hold and brush out—the alcohol in it will also absorb oils,” says New York stylist and salon owner Mark Garrison.

Curly Hair, Reactivate With Water: Curls can smash up after a night’s sleep and lose shape, but simply spritzing strands lightly in the morning with water will bring back the bounce. “Curls are formed by humid moisture, so misting water on them will reactivate the water bonds in hair that give curls their shape,” explains Garrison.

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Sleep To Style: Instead of waking up to bedhead, take advantage of those slumber hours to effortlessly style your strands. “Twisting your hair up into a bun atop your head, or using old school pin curls or pink sponge rollers will give you lots of body and flip come morning,” says Garrison.

Dry Shampoo Is Your BFF: The oil-sopping and dirt-absorbing qualities of dry shampoo have long been celebrated by women who skip the shampoo, but this handy hair saver is actually most effective when you use it while hair is still clean. “Apply dry shampoo to roots before hair has the chance to get oily, and you’ll be able to maintain fresh-looking hair more seamlessly since the oils will immediately absorb when formed,” advises Garrison.

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Change Your Style Each Day: Wearing your hair differently each day can turn clean or “dirtier” hair into a styling advantage. For example, wearing hair down in a blowout the first day, followed by a ponytail the second and milkmaid braid the third can make for strands that look fresh all three days. “If you have short hair, parting deeply on day two and wearing it shaggier with pomade on day three can give you volume and an entirely new look,” says Garrison, who suggests checking out photos of Anne Hathaway for more ideas on versatile ways to wear super short hair.