Beauty advertisements don’t exactly have a reputation for being honest. That’s why I’m so entranced by Gizmodo’s latest find: a video reveal of the color-correction work that goes into making the model, product, and even the room in a L’Oréal Garnier commercial look just right. Senior Colorist Andreas Brueckl of Colormeup released his work on the 30-second spot.

While I’m still working my way through the basics of Photoshop, I can tell that this super-intricate work is focused on the model’s hair, undereyes, the curtains (presumably for glare) and of course, the Garnier product itself. Here’s YouBeauty’s Creative Director, Valerie Fischel, on the common practice of extreme editing for commericials, “To the untrained eye, we might have never noticed that the curtain in the background could have been a little brighter, and that the model’s eyeliner would be more effective if it were just a tad darker. But these little details affect how we feel and what we perceive overall. When you’re trying to convince someone to buy a product by creating a mood in 30 seconds, they’re valuable details.”

It’s just another reminder that images we see in the media have been altered in appearance — and it’s pretty fascinating to see how they’re changed.