The rich, heavy creams and oils of winter’s skincare routine can feel suffocating in warm weather. Why not try the light, watery textures of “water-burst” products if you loathe the feel of heavy moisturizers? These new gel moisturizers are light and refreshing and feel like nothing on the skin. Take a look at the latest generation of hydrators that are cool and transparent.

Hydrating gels act just like a splash of refreshing water, but these texture innovators also provide the additional benefits of active ingredients, just as a concentrated serum would.

Water-burst skincare products can be easily layered with your winter routine of mists, toners, and splash masks, but you may prefer turning to them as a one-step beauty routine.

These watery skin-care products don’t rely on oil to lock in moisture. They’re lighter and less greasy than traditional moisturizers because they produced without the fatty, waxy ingredients of creams. You can just pat these water-based gels on and watch the moisture absorb quickly with no trace of film left behind.

Most of them lack the synthetic oils, such as silicones, that clog pores and cause breakouts. High concentrations of synthetic oils can stop the penetration of anti-aging or acne-fighting ingredients.

If your face tends to be normal or dry, your skin doesn’t produce enough natural oils to keep the skin hydrated once water from the gel evaporates. Look for a gel with polymers that hold moisture in the skin. Occlusive ingredients such as dimethicone or vinyl dimethicone crosspolymer should be listed in the top half of the ingredient list.

Finding a gel with polymers to lock in moisture is not as important if your skin is oily. Your own oils will do the trick. Gels can be a game changer for women who find that a gel moisturizer is the only hydrator they need.

Even if you can’t stand the feel of moisturizer, your skin needs hydration. Dryness is the enemy and a major culprit in causing aging skin. The skin’s moisture barrier acts as a defense against the free radicals and pollutants that cause wrinkles.

Healthy skin is hydrated skin. Water-burst gels can help you deal with irritation from too much beach sun and skin problems ranging from acne to eczema. And the fearsome specter of sun damage? The major reason the sun ages skin is because it wreaks havoc on the skin’s moisture barrier.

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