I usually shy away from using styling gels because I hate when they become flaky after a few hours of wear. But certain hairstyles require sleek, smooth edges, so it’s important to find a product that works really well but doesn’t leave behind residue. Carol’s Daughter Macadamia Hold & Control Smoother claims that it is a “sleek-style miracle,” infused with macadamia oil to protect and nourish hair. The product is also all natural with no parabens, petroleum, mineral oil or artificial colors.Product: Carol’s Daughter Macadamia Hold & Control SmootherPrice: $22We Think:


How It Looks, How It Feels: The consistency is more like a wax or pomade than a gel, and it isn’t sticky or greasy — which is a huge plus! It comes in a super cute pink jar that is round and flat (not too deep) that makes it easy to get every bit of the product out, even when you get to the very bottom.How to Use It: Scoop out a pea-size amount with your finger and apply to unruly edges and curls for a sleek, finished look.Results: I have been wearing my hair in two French braids for the past few weeks on vacation at the beach. Since some of the smaller curls at the front and back of my hairline always tend to run loose, it was a perfect opportunity to see if this gel-wax-pomade combo really worked. It did. I applied a dollop around the edges of my hairline, and voila! I got a perfectly sleek, braided style. The hold is long-lasting and the smoother doesn’t get crusty or flaky like other styling products tend to.Disclaimer: I received Carol’s Daughter Macadamia Hold & Control Smoother as a sample.