When I first went blonde a few months ago, I gathered a litany of products to keep my hair in shape. I’ve whittled down my army to just a few favorites, and Paul Mitchell’s repair spray made the cut. My bleached, frayed strands are grateful.Product: Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Dramatic RepairPrice: $17We Think:


How it Looks, How it Feels: Let’s start by describing what this spray isn’t: sticky. It doesn’t make your hair greasy. It’s simply light. Plus, the 5.1 fl. oz. bottle is small enough to fit smoothly in a travel bag or already-stuffed medicine cabinet.How to Use: Spray at the root of your towel-dried hair and comb the product through.Results: This repair spray is slowly working to keep my split ends in check. The lightness makes it perfect for daily use. Keep it in your bag for when you want a product working on your side but don’t have time for a mask. Plus, I’ve broken out on my scalp thanks to some of my repair products, and this is light enough to work on sensitive skin.Disclaimer: I received this product as a sample.