Sometimes simply washing your face is just not enough, especially after a long day wearing makeup. For people like me who have very sensitive skin, it can be incredibly difficult to find a product that cleanses your face without drying it out. POND’S Exfoliating Renewal Wet Cleansing Towelettes claims to do just that. The package of 30 towelettes infused invigorating beads and scented with citrus and cucumber not only smells great, but is also really easy to use.Product: POND’s Exfoliating Renewal Wet Cleansing TowelettesPrice: $5.49Tags: 


How It Looks, How It Feels: POND’S towelettes are soft to touch and subtly damp. The package is small and easily portable, so I carried it around in my bag in case I needed to freshen up during the day. Each individual wipe has tiny beads that are gentle and nonabrasive.How to Use It: It’s so easy — just wipe your face with a towelette and toss it in the trash. The best part: you do not even need to wash your face after using these, which is always a plus for us lazy girls.Results: I used POND’s towelettes to cleanse my face right before bed for a week and my skin has never looked better! Not only does it feel fresh and clean, but it is also radiant and glowing. My sensitive skin appreciates the gentleness of the ingredients and I have not had any breakouts or bad reactions.I received POND’s Exfoliating Renewal Wet Cleansing Towelettes as a sample and will certainly purchase it for myself.