My visage has a tendency to look flat, even after I’ve painted my face for the night (yes, that’s what I call putting on makeup), so I never leave the house without a bit of highlighting and contouring to enhance and define my facial features. And now I can do in a way that’s better for me and the environment.

I’m a huge fan of brands that are committed to using natural and organic ingrediants so I jumped at the chance to test out SheaMoisture’s Color Correcting, Contouring & Highlighting Palette. Lots of beauty products use a variety of different chemicals that include hormone disruptors, pesticides, and carcinogens. Does that sound like something you want to put on your face? Hell no! The constant use of these types of cosmetics can lead to cancer and birth defects, among other things. I’m so happy Shea Moisture is taking a step in the right direction and using processes that protect rather than harm.

Product: SheaMoisture Color Correcting Contouring & Highlighting Palette 

Price: $24.99We Think:


Packaging: The palette comes in a simple box that opens up like a mini notebook. Inside you can find the palette, a direction booklet, and a tiny spatula (to use for application).

How to Use: SheaMoisture’s palettes come in six different moisturizing shades, a wide range of tones that fit many different cultures and colors.

To highlight: Use the tiny spatula to scoop out a bit of the highlighter and then dab under the brows and along the center of the nose from the bridge to the tip. You can also add a bit to the chin and above the lip.

To contour: Repeat the same steps as highlighting but dab on to the top of the hairline, hallows of the cheeks, and the jawline. Don’t forget to conceal under your eyes with the last color! No one wants to look like a zombie. Here’s a cheat sheet on how to contour and highlight.

Results: The palette provides medium- to full-coverage with quite a bit of moisturization due to the shea butter and vitamin E. It easily gives the depth and glow that I’m looking for, in addition to hiding those pesky dark circles under my eyes when I’m trying to look fabulous for a night on the town. Plus, the tiny spatula is adorable! It reminds me of those mini spoons that you use when testing out flavors at the local ice-cream shop.

Disclaimer: I received this product as a sample.