Product: Soap & Glory’s Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Plumpers

Price: $15 for set of three

Results: I liked Soap & Glory’s Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Plumpers, but not for the reason you might think (and not because their name is a pun.) The first thing I noticed was the stinging “buzz” mentioned in a fine print, slightly ominous note at the bottom of the box. The active ingredients meant to plump your lips — which Soap & Glory termed “Superfill microspheres” and “Lipswell” — stay put for quite some time.

How to Use It: These lip plumper glosses are simple to use: you only need a few swipes of your chosen color and you’re good to go. The sting of Soap and Glory’s plumping ingredients started after just a few seconds, so there was no need to overdo it to get the desired effect. The set comes with three fairly neutral colors, ideal for everyday makeup or when you’re already going big with eye makeup. The Candy Gloss shade goes on sheer, so layer it over your favorite lipstick (with a disposable wand to prevent stain) for some sparkle on an existing look.

The Pro: that means your lips are glossy way longer than I’m used to from other products, and it’s kind of nice to know when it’s time for a reapplication without a mirror check.

The Con: the sting in your lips is not pleasant, a toned down pins and needles feeling. I don’t ascribe to the belief “beauty is pain” and certainly there are natural ways to enhance less-full lips with liners and skin care. These glosses didn’t plump well enough to put up with a stinging sensation all day long.

That said, I really enjoyed Soap & Glory’s glosses for the color palette. The three colors (and flavors — raspberry chocolate was the best!) are the perfect neutral shades to keep in your bag. My favorite was the Half Naked, a rich deep nude that works well with fall colors. These glosses are super usable because the colors work for everyday. I’d rather save the sting of a lip plumper for a deep red or a more sexy going out color – the times when I really want to pull an Angelina Jolie. But to be honest, I’ll still use Mother Pucker because the shades are so complimentary.I received Soap & Glory’s Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Plumpers as a sample and I probably won’t purchase them myself in the future.