I am not usually a huge fan of powder blushes, so I was pretty excited to try Topshop Cheeky Jelly. It has a gel-like/jelly consistency and claims to be useful not only as a blush but also as a lipgloss. Two for one? Count me in to try it!Product: Topshop Cheek JellyPrice: $14We Think: 


How It Looks, How It Feels: The product is jarred in a simple clear container with a black cover. It’s a very light, jelly that is subtly creamy and not too sticky.How To Use It: Cheek Jelly can be used on the cheeks and/or lips to create a simple glow or add color. Unlike other blushes that require a brush to apply, you can use your fingertips for this product. For a subtle flush, use sparingly and gently smooth over the it onto your skin.  Want to spice things up? Topshop’s Cheek Jelly color line can also be blended to create new palettes that pop.Results: I have medium-brown skin that usually takes to color pretty well, but the coral shade Phenomenon — the Cheek Jelly pictured above — did not really show on my cheeks at all and barely added a glossy finish to my lips. I am disappointed that the color was not at all evident on brown skin, even when I applied copious amounts. For me, the product did not work well as a blush or a lip gloss.True, I did not try a darker shade or blending shades. But considering how Topshop’s website bills Cheek Jelly as a “buildable” product, I think the fact that the shade did not pop has more to do with the product’s consistency than the shade itself.I received Topshop Cheek Jelly as a sample and more than likely I will not purchase it for myself in the future.