Split ends are not cute. Most of us hate them, but what are they? Well, they are the damaged ends of your hair caused by dryness brought on by hot tools, chemicals, or even intense weather.

Since it can be so hard to avoid styling your hair, and of course, avoid the weather, finding alternative strategies to combat split ends is pretty essential.

First things first, the best way to deal with split ends is to prevent them altogether.

Cut your hair

Most people hate this bit of hair advice, but it is crucial. Getting regular trims does more than conceal split ends. It actually cuts them off. The longer the hair gets, the more chance there is for damage. And the more time between each trim, the higher up the damage goes. When this happens, you end up needing more hair cut. If you go for regular trims, you can get away with losing as little hair as possible.

Skip everyday washes

Wet hair is more prone to damage. This may be a surprise to you, but your hair is becoming more damaged every time you shampoo it. Scrubbing the ends of the hair may remove excess oil build-up, but it also causes fraying, also known as split ends.

Try reducing shampooing to twice a week if you can. This will help your hair to heal itself and reduce the damage.


Conditioning is most people’s favorite part of the hair care process. It takes stringy hair and makes it feel silky and smooth. But, it doesn’t just improve the feel of your hair. Conditioning helps your hair seal in the hydration it gets from water. Without it, your hair will absorb the water instead of letting it moisturize the hair cuticles.

Gently detangle

Even if you have the most aggressive knots, fighting back will only lead to more breakage. Instead of attacking your hair with a brush, gently detangle with a wide-tooth comb or brush that is made specifically for tangles. Something like the Tangle Teezer (Shop here) will do the trick. This sort of brush will be a lot less likely to tear the hair and lead to further damage.

Limit your use of damaging practices

Everything from hair dye to hot tools and even drying hair sprays can lead to split ends. We don’t expect you to quit styling your hair altogether, but try to reduce it. You can go for an updo with your previously curled hair instead of adding more heat and spray to it.

Use heat protectant

If you are going to blow dry, straighten, or use other hot tools, be sure to protect your hair as best as you can. Using a heat protectant spray or cream will create a barrier between your hair and the tool. This won’t provide miracles, but it will help to minimize the damage.

Take supplements

Your hair isn’t just this stuff hanging off of your head. It is attached to you and the rest of your body. That means applying products outside the hair isn’t the only way to treat it.

Taking a supplement that helps hair growth can make a real difference. You will need more time to see results, but that time is worth it for many. Look for products with ingredients like biotin or folic acid, as they have provided visible results in hair growth, volume, and shine.