Tomorrow, I have an extremely important decision to make. I’m getting a haircut with bangs, and I need to decide which one I want. Can you help?Here’s why I’m trying bangs: I have hyperpigmentation on my forehead, and the only real way to get rid of it is to never let it see sunlight again. A friend who has the same issue (this happens to many women after you have kids) immediatly cut bangs. It seems so much easier than pulling on a hat every time I go outside, and I’ve been obsessed with this idea ever since. Also, according to science, my long face shape could benefit from bangs, which could help give the illusion of a shorter forehead.MORE: The Best Bangs for Your Face Shape 

So here I am: I’m going to get bangs, but I’m deciding between Alexa Chung’s longer look, or Jennifer Lawrence’s shoulder-grazing style. I love both cuts (I do realize that I am not nor will ever be Alexa or Jennifer, but most hairstylists appreciate it when clients bring a picture to help communicate the cut they’d like to use as a baseline, and then they personalize from there). Here are the pros and cons for each that are spinning through my head.Alexa Chung’s BangsPRO: This would be easy to style; my hair is naturally wavy like Alexa’s and I think I could get away with just drying my bangs in the morning, versus the entire front of my hair. And Alexa Chung has always been my personal hair idol.CON: I had almost this exact cut in second grade. Too juvenile?Jennifer Lawrence’s Shoulder-Grazing CutPRO: The shoulder length style and layers will help add volume to my face.CON: With my wavy hair, this look may need a blowout every day. And if I style this wrong, could it look like “The Rachel”?Vote in the poll or leave a comment and tell me what you think (and keep in mind that my hair color will stay as is). I’ll report back Monday with the results—thank you for your help and opinions!MORE: Ideal Hairstyles for Each Face Shape