It’s January. For some that means a commitment to health, for others a commitment to new intellectual pursuits (New Yorkers for instance have taken to reading Donna Tartt’s “The Goldfinch” then posting pictures of their trip to the Frick to view said Goldfinch).

Getty ImagesJemima Kirke at the “Girls” season 3 premier.
Jemima Kirke at the season three premiere of

As for me, January marks my recommitment to Lena Dunham’s “Girls.” Jemima Kirke’s softly waved low bun was a standout at the show’s season three premiere. In fact, Jemima’s hair always looks perfectly imperfect on the red carpet, a vibe that is perfect for the biggest event of all—a wedding.All those newly engaged ladies clogging our Instagram feeds are in luck as the hair geniuses behind the locks of such downtown girls as Jemima Kirke, Pamela Love and the Dannijo sisters have opened their own studio, White Rose Collective. Teddi Cranford and Andrea Donoghue, both veterans of backstage hairdressing, have pooled their fashion-insider connections to start a full-service beauty agency that offers not only hair and makeup services but also light snacks, custom juices and aromatic oils to calm nerves on the big day.The Tease sat down with the ladies before Teddi jetted off to Europe for Couture Week to learn a bit more about WRC and of course the secrets to their own rad hair.

Courtesy of White Rose CollectiveFrom left: Founders Teddi Cranford and Andrea Donoghue of White Rose Collective.
Teddi Cranford and Andrea Donoghue

Tell me about White Rose Collective. Why did you feel a need to open such a space?Teddi: We both come from such strong fashion and hair education backgrounds, and we saw a need to bridge the gap between what is currently happening in fashion and the bridal space.Andrea: The stylists and makeup artists that are accessible through WRC all have editorial backgrounds and it’s rare for a bride to be able to independently track down stylists of that caliber without a lot of leg work.Any spring 2014 hair trends that you are feeling? A look that we both love for spring is natural texture, minimal layers, and bold solid hair color (haha like ours)… We are definitely over the bayalage Kardashian curls.

Courtesy of White Rose Collective

You guys each have amazing hair. Can you break down your hair routines?Andrea: I am really into iconic references and change my hair a lot based on my mood. One year ago I was inspired by Patti Smith so I cut a shag and dyed it black. I then grew out those layers and just recently was inspired by Winona Ryder in “Heathers.” Now I have a just-above shoulder length heavy black bob. I love to set it with a curling iron or round brush and then brush it out and I’ll toss my hair side to side all day.Teddi: Being a redhead is not easy! My colorist and I argue constantly because I get so obsessive about it being the exact color I want,  which is a bright copper red. There really are no red color shortcuts. It takes dedication and effort. I get my color done every three weeks. I wash two times a week with Shu Uemura Shampoo and Conditioner for Dry Hair. I find it’s the only brand that allows my hair to dry naturally and look soft with a good wave. To give my hair more volume, I might curl just a few face-framing pieces using a 1-inch curling iron. Two products I can’t live withourt are Klorane Dry Shampoo and Bumble and Bumble Brilliantine. I barely cut my hair and when I do, I am extremely particular about it not looking freshly cut.