You know when you go a few days without washing your hair, and you feel like no matter what you do, you can’t help but look like you just took a shower? Not everyone is blessed with thick hair that can goes days without washing. We all know the struggle of letting our hair go a day without being washed, and it takes some time to train it to be able to do so.

To be able to not wash your hair every day without looking like a wet dog takes a weekend of staying at home in your pajamas and letting your hair do its thing, oil and all. And while that might sound like the worst thing ever, it’s necessary.

But why, exactly, is washing your hair every day so bad after all?

It will dull your shiny locks

Washing your hair every day can cause it to be dry and brittle, thus making your natural shine lack.

It will cause split ends

Giving space between the days, you wash your hair gives it time to replenish its natural oils. Your hair lacking those natural oils can cause dryness and split ends.

Dyed hair will fade faster

The best way to keep your freshly dyed locks vibrant is by not washing your hair every day and not stripping away the colors.

Dirty hair looks better styled

It might sound fake, but it’s true- dirty hair is easier to style. That’s why they say second-day hair curls the best. Although freshly washed hair might feel better, it’s definitely harder to work with.

You’ll have less oil over time

At first, you might feel gross and oily when you skip a few days washing your hair. But after a while, your hair will get accustomed to not being washed and get less oily.

It can dry out your scalp

A dried-out scalp leads to dandruff, and no one wants that. The hot water from the shower can cause your scalp to dry out and flake.

It removes your hair’s natural oil

Although oil in your hair sounds gross, your hair produces natural oils that are actually good for your hair. Natural oils are what keeps your hair looking shiny and healthy.

It can get pricey

You’ll find that not washing your hair every day will save you big bucks. You’ll use less shampoo and conditioner (although you might have to invest in some dry shampoo).