So you went light when you were feeling bright and cheery this summer (nothing says “summer” like sunkissed, Jennifer Aniston-esque highlights). Now the cozy, cooler season is upon us, do you have to go back to the dark side?We spoke to L’Oréal Professionnel Celebrity Colorist, Eva Scrivo, of the Eva Scrivo Salon in New York City to put the winter color questions to rest.MORE: The Best Hair Color for Your Skintone YB: If you love your beachy, summer highlights, what’s the best way to tweak them in the winter?Eva Scrivo: There are several ways you can maintain a bright blonde that still feels winter appropriate. For example, adding and integrating a few lowlights next to some very bright pieces and warming the hair with an overall glaze, brings some continuity to the overall hair from top to bottom, making it feel more season appropriate.YB: What’s a lowlight again?Eva Scrivo: The lowlight is often just a warmer version of your own natural color. Basically, your natural hair color, but enhanced. By looking at one’s base color you can formulate the lowlights…That’s how you customize a color for each client. There might be specific trends that are universal but the way that we customize and individualize the color for each client makes it especially flattering to her skintone.MORE: Balayage: A Healthier Way to Highlight YB: What would you tell women who thinks they “should” go dark in the winter?Eva Scrivo: People do ask to go darker, but the change doesn’t have to be so drastic. As long as there’s depth around the face and the base color, the overall tone of the hair looks darker and richer. Sometimes, it’s just about adding back some dimension that gets lost in the summer months from exposure to the elements.You have to keep things in balance, and not just go darker because it’s winter and you think you have to. Sometimes it’s not about going darker, but about going richer and shinier. You don’t have to go as dark as one might think. It’s about doing what works for you and making it season appropriate—but not feeling you have to go darker if you want to stay light.QUIZ: Hold Old Is Your Hair?