As a society, we go crazy for DIY. Home improvement, crafts, wedding decor, beauty products… anything you can buy, you can probably find instructions online to DIY.But there are some things that are just not meant to be homemade. Case in point: mascara.After watching this video on Refinery29 of a vlogger demonstrating how to make mascara out of crushed Oreos (yes, you read that right), we’re going to go out on a limb and say we might be taking this trend a little too far.In the video, Katherine of YouTube channel xxmakeupiscoolxx explains that instead of just grabbing an inexpensive tube of mascara from the drugstore, you can make your own mascara from crushed cookies. You know, for those times when you are so overstocked on Oreos that you don’t want to spend the cash on mascara!The process seems easy enough, but we’re a tad skeptical about putting crumbly bits of food on or around our eyes. What happens if you cry, or get stuck in the rain? (Honestly though, we think the most alarming part of this video is that she threw all of the cream filling away instead of eating it. Who does that?!)Check out in the video below and let us know if we’re alone in thinking this is crazy:

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