Young Hair: Celebrity Stylists’ Insider Tips

Sure, we all know a beauty tip or two to look younger—but did you know that your hair could strike the greatest impact of all? Today’s hottest celebrity hair experts reveal the easy yet effective moves that make all the difference.

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1Bangs Are Like Botox

Bangs aren’t just for middle school. A fringe can conceal forehead wrinkles, draw attention to your eyes and lift your face. “You will look softer and younger when bangs hit just under the eyebrow, and taper out longer at the sides,” says celebrity stylist Danilo, who has most recently clipped Zooey Deschanel’s bangs.

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2Dark Hair: See The Light

According to celebrity colorist Rita Hazan, Angelina Jolie’s subtly lightened locks could be a strategic move. “As we mature, we lose pigmentation in our skintone, so brunettes can avoid looking too pale by lightening up one to two shades,” advises Hazan.

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3Light Hair: Add Depth

Platinum blonde and fiery red hues that may appear youthful in the bottle could actually age you. “Lighter shades can look washed out as you age, so you need to add color to your hair to compensate,” explains Hazan. Either go for a deeper hue entirely, or intersperse lowlights to add depth to your color.

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4Hands Off The Hairspray

“The difference between a haircut that’s aging and one that’s age-defying comes down to having lots of shifting layers—which Jennifer Lopez does really well,” explains Juan Carlos Maciques, celebrity stylist at Rita Hazan Salon. “Without layers, hair doesn’t move—and nothing makes you seem older than stiff hair!” he adds.

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5Side Parts Sizzle

Cher may have pulled off an iconic center part, but for the rest of us, it’s not always flattering since the harsh splice can exaggerate areas of the face that are not symmetrical. “Parting to the side creates a softer profile and brings out the eyes,” says celebrity stylist Rodney Cutler. Bonus: side parts with a bit of volume cleverly conceal root grow-out (and grays!) longer, too.

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6Pump Up The Volume

Volume mimics the thicker and more plentiful hair of younger days, but don’t take it to mean big ol’ Texas hair all over the head. “Specifically, volume at the crown is what looks young,” explains Danilo. “When Gwen [Stefani] wants to show even more attitude, we’ll kick it up with a braid or bun on the crown,” says Danilo.

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7Invest In Quality Tools

If you style your hair, using the latest technology like ceramic, ionic and infrared heat can make strands look sleeker and sexier. “Good tools give you smoother results, which will always make any cut or style look younger,” says Danilo, who adds that Eva Longoria is an example of when sleek styling can subtract years.

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8Snip Splits

Putting off your regular trim may save some bucks, but it risks adding years to your face. “Split ends contribute to a haggard and ragged feel—fresh tips always give a more youthful appearance,” says Cutler. Wet hair is most vulnerable to breakage. Prevent future splits by only using a wide-toothed comb to gently detangle wet hair, and never tie wet strands in elastics.

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9Put Up A Pony

A simple ponytail lifts the temples and eyes, adding a fresh feeling to your look—yet it’s important to strike the right age-appropriate spot on the head. “Reese Witherspoon does this style quite often, with a ponytail at the occipital [middle back] head bone, and with flip for chic attitude,” says Cutler.

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10Shine Like A Star

“Shine is an iconic hair quality that we associate with youth for a reason—it tells us the hair is healthy, clean and cared for,” says Danilo. While shine serums and sprays abound, a clear glaze treatment once a month can inject topcoat-like gloss to strands for hair that captures and reflects light.

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