Despite most of us being confined to our homes at the moment, many beauty treatments are still getting carried out, including the much-loved skincare treatment dermaplaning. Designed to remove facial peach fuzz and eliminate dead skin cells, dermaplaning is a skincare treatment typically carried out in beauty salons or dermatologists. It is carried out with a sharp scalpel and requires a professional. However, with the creation of safer, at-home blades, many people are turning to a DIY dermaplane to achieve smoother, softer skin!

What You Will Need

How to Dermaplane Your Face 

    1. Always use a clean blade, this is super important to prevent any infection or bacteria spreading across your face. Your blades can typically be used 2-3 times each, but you should always clean them after each use with rubbing alcohol.
    2. Always start with clean, fresh skin.
    3. Hold your skin taut and the blade at a 45-degree angle and gently begin to stroke downwards, focusing on a small area of the face at a time.
    4. You can use the blade to shape and tidy up your eyebrows, carefully stroking around them.
    5. Every so often, wipe the edge on a cotton pad to remove the peach fuzz and dead skin that has been collected.
    6. Continue to dermaplane across your face until you feel all areas have been covered, and your skin is fuzz-free!
    7. Once you’re finished dermaplaning, apply your personal choice of serum or moisturizer. Your skin should soak this up, and you should be left with a visible, dewy glow!
    8. Repeat dermaplaning as often as you feel is necessary, everyone is different. Some people find that once a month is enough for their skin, while others prefer to do a quick touch up before every makeup application.