The actress Zoë Kravitz is best known for having a unique laid-back-glam sense of style, her role in the movies, and of course, her once power couple parents, Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz. It’s easy to see why she’s a Hollywood favorite, but here are some obscure Zoë Kravitz facts that make us love her even more.

She Has Siblings 

Though it might seem like Zoë Kravitz steals the spotlight, that’s only because her siblings are both much younger than her. She has a younger half-sister, Lola Iolani Momoa, who’s 12 years old, and half-brother, Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa, who’s 11 years old.

Her Bands Name is Personal

If you already knew about Zoë Kravitz’s band, Lolawolf, you might’ve deduced our next secret fact from our first point — Lolawolf is named after her two younger siblings, Lola And Nakoa-Wolf. It turns out her band’s name is a lot more personal than just a catchy word-mesh, and we love the hidden meaning.

Her Unmentioned Middle Name

Zoë Kravitz doesn’t list her middle name for any of her acting work, so many people don’t even realize she has a middle name. However, that middle name is still as characteristically beautiful as Zoë is — Isabella. We think it suits her just fine.

Her Birth Story is Unique

Zoë’s birth story is distinctive in several ways. First, she was unplanned; Lisa Bonet threw her positive pregnancy test at her then-husband, Lenny Kravitz, upon discovering the shock. Definitely a quirky origin story we love. Zoë was also born at home with a midwife — not a birth story that many shared in the late 80s when she was born.

Her Tattoos Arent Unique

You might guess that someone as creative as Zoë Kravitz would have totally original tattoos — and for some, she definitely does — but not all her tattoos are 100% unique. Some of her tattoos are shared with another person, that’s right, matching tattoos. Zoë shares the script tattoo on her forearm that says “être toujours ivre” with her stepdad Jason Momoa (yes, that Jason Momoa). The tattoo means “always be drunk” in French, which is a quote from Charles Baudelaire imploring us to live life fully and richly, something we think Zoë has stayed pretty true to in her life, so far.