Which one of your favorite celebs will you go out as this Halloween? Even if you don’t wear the entire get up, you can totally rock iconic hairstyles. After all, hair plays an important part to creating a standout look.

Snooki from Jersey Shore
All you need to do is bump up the front of the hair and tease it into that iconic bump. If you want to take it a step further, wear some winged eyeliner.


Hunger Games Braid
Become Katniss Everdeen with one long braid just like the character from Hunger Games. Top off the look with a bow and arrow set from the dollar store.

Wednesday Addams
If you want to look like the sinister daughter from the Addams Family empire, wear your hair in two braids. Wear all black and don’t smile – at all.

Peggy Bundy
For an unbeatable and unforgettable look, go for the Peggy Bundy hair do. Think lots of curls teased out with a bangs.

Tina Turner
For an instantly recognizable look, go with this wild and larger than life look.

Marilyn Monroe
If you have shorter hair, this look will be easy to pull off. Simply curl your hair and part it on the right for a dramatic toss. If you don’t already have a beauty mark, just add a tab of black eyeliner to the side of your cheek. And, viola!

Grace Jones
This take no prisoners hair style can be pulled off perfectly with a box cut afro.

Audrey Hepburn
Remember Breakfast At Tiffany’s? Wear Hepburn’s sophisticate, high maintenance up-do.

Amy Winehouse
Although the beehive has been around for a while, Winehouse revitalized the look very well. Make her signature messy look yours.

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