Let’s face it: TikTok has taken over the world. The word “TikTok” is mentioned in pretty much every conversation I have. It’s almost impossible to turn on the radio without hearing at least one “TikTok” song.

And what exactly is a TikTok song, you ask?

“TikTok songs” is pretty much a whole genre of music that went viral from the app. Users on TikTok make videos using the songs, and often, those songs are paired with specific trends or dances. For example, Doja Cat’s song “Say So” became the soundtrack of a viral dance. Here are all the most popular songs that I’d say fall under the category of “TikTok Songs”:

“Roses (Imanbek Remix)” by SAINt JHN and Imanbek
For a while, this song was played continuously on the radio. But besides its good vibes, “Roses” became a popular dance and was also used as background music for various other popular trends on the app.

“Boss Bitch” by Doja Cat
Doja Cat may have gotten her TikTok fame from “Say So,” but many of her other songs went viral on the app, including “Boss Bitch”. This song was popular at the beginning of quarantine in March. It was typically used with slow-mo videos of people strutting like they were on a runway.

“Stunnin'” by Curtis Waters feat. Harm Franklin
This song got very popular on the app. It’s usually used for videos showing off different outfits for various occasions. The beat of the song just matches perfectly with trying on different outfits.

“Lottery'” by K CAMP
If you’ve heard any TikTok song before, it was probably this one. “Lottery” by K CAMP is the song for the iconic dance called Renegade. For a while, most users on the app thought TikTok star Charli D’amelio created the dance, but it was actually created by an Atlanta teen named Jalaiah Harmon.

“Supalonely” by BENEE feat. Gus Dapperton
Another trendy TikTok dance is to the song “Supalonely.” The dance is easy to learn and so fun and was created by @zoifishh, who is now a popular creator on the app.

“ROXANNE'” by Arizona Zervas
This song was EVERYWHERE for a while, but it actually got its start on TikTok. People used the catchy tune for dances, makeup videos, fashion tips, pretty much anything.