Ever wonder where beauty experts get their strokes of genius from? Here’s a hint…sometimes from celebs. These beauty editors and directors are sharing which celeb beauty secrets they swear by every day, courtesy of Refinery29.

Jennifer Aniston: According to Cat Quinn, beauty director, she has always been in love with Jen Aniston’s hair. The one secret she remembers hearing her say in an interview was that she just lets her hair fall in front of her face and doesn’t tuck it behind her ears. That’s how her hair always looks so good.

Charlize Theron: Senior beauty editor, Alix Tunell, said she always rinses her feet when she gets home after hearing the interview between Charlize Theron and Chelsea Handler. Theron says she never puts her feet in the bed without washing them.

Bobbi Brown: Want to know what’s the secret to beautiful skin? Sam Sasso, beauty editorial assistant says she follows Bobbi Brown’s routine. Bobbi Brown says every morning, she drinks a glass of water – before coffee and tea. It keeps her energized and is wonderful for the complexion.

Nicki Minaj: Khalea Underwood, is a beauty writer who says she remembers Nicki Minaj tweet years ago, ” steaming hot shower, soap rinse, soap rinse, pour baby oil all over, don’t rinse, shower off, don’t dry, just blot”.

Shay Mitchell: For eyes that pop, Lexy Lebsack, West Coast senior beauty editor says that she wears taupe, shimmery shadow under her eyes after seeing the look on Shay Mitchell.

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