Every now and then we get the urge to revamp our look and celebrities are no exception. One of the fastest ways to change our look is with our hair. Whether we decide to cut it all off, add extensions, go with curls or change the color, it can be fun to take on a new “identity”. But, just because you change the look doesn’t automatically mean it’s a hit. Sometimes the look falls flat. Here are celebs who’ve changed their hair. Decide whether they look hot or meh…

Selena Gomez: The singing beauty has always been known for rocking long locks that made her look innocent, but not anymore. She traded that look for a sleek shoulder cut that gave her a much edgier look.

Pink: Pink went for a bold hot pink color with a purple gradient for a rainbow effect.

Demi Lovato: Also known for her beautiful long locks, the singer traded that in for a textured lob.

Kristen Stewart: The actress already rocked a edgy cut, but took it further by turning her hair into a platinum crop.

Nicki Minaj: Nicki Minaj has opted to take her waist-length locks a bit further by extending her hair nearly to the floor.

Katy Perry: The singer has been inching closer and closer to shorter and now she’s taken the plunge. She is now rocking a side-swept pixie cut.

Kerry Washington: The actress has forgone the long hair in exchange for a chic new bob with a hint of color.

Nina Dobrev: As she turned 28 years old, the actress chopped off her hair for a sexy bob.

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