Have ever dated someone and didn’t share it verbally with friends and family? They kinda just figured it out by watching the way the two of you behaved around each other. Well, celebs do that too! In fact, there are plenty of celebs out there who shared their romances with something as a simple Instagram post. Check out a few of our favorite celebs who announced their relationships without ever making a peep.

Ariana and Pete: Not long after Grande broke up with ex, Mac Miller, they were spotted making flirty comments to each other again on Instagram.

Scott and Sofia: Kourtney Kardashian’s ex, Scott Disick, was seen in a post with Sofia Richie on Instagram. The pic showed them in Miami with the beautiful blue sky as their backdrop.

Halle Berry and Alex Da Kid: Halle Berry posted a pic of herself with a mystery gentleman on her Instagram back in September 2017. Soon rumors swarmed that the Oscar winner was dating Alex da Kid (music producer).

Meghan and Harry: The two never officially said they were dating. We just saw Meghan emerge with a necklace that had M and H on it, which stood for Meghan and Harry.

Bella and The Weekend: When they were dating, these two were mums the word about their relationship. Bella vaguely admitted to dating during a red carpet debut as a couple.

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