Some celebs are born famous. And for many celebs, fame doesn’t come until a lot later in life. So if you have dreams of being famous whether that means through acting, modeling or singing, take comfort in knowing that plenty of others have done it already.

Check out the list of celebrities below who didn’t find fame until later in life.


#1 – Tiffany Haddish – These days, Tiffany Haddish’s name is everywhere. The beautiful, down to earth comedian and actress didn’t get big time famous until 37 in her starring role in “Girls Trip”.


#2 – Samuel L. Jackson – You see Samuel in many movies. You would never guess that he didn’t become an A-lister until he was in his 40s.


#3 – Joy Behar – The saucy talk show host didn’t get big time fame until she landed a role as a host on “The View” at age 55.


#4 – Lucille Ball – The “I Love Lucy” star didn’t land her TV show until age 40.


#5 – Steve Carell – “The Office” star reached fame when he landed a role in the TV show at age 43.


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