After opening up about her fertility struggles just a few weeks ago, supermodel Chrissy Teigen has announced she’s expecting her first child with husband John Legend in a super adorable Instagram post.

Each posted this photo on their own accounts, announcing that they’re pregnant and thanking their fans for their support:

Our dream BFF has been very open about the couple’s desire to expand their family, and how it’s been a lot harder than they had anticipated. Considering the serious cool-girl vibes she gives off, we can only imagine her as a mom—definitely the cool mom.

We’re looking forward to all those adorable baby bump photos and what we imagine will be a steady stream of lovey-dovey photos between the happy couple as they prepare for their little bundle of joy. What will Chrissy be cooking? Will there be a baby bump SI spread? The possibilities are endless, really.

Perhaps it warrants a song (or an album?). Our eyes are on you, John. That kid definitely deserves its own personalized lullaby.

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