If you were a Barbie doll fan growing up, then you can probably remember all of the different kinds of Barbie dolls that came out. There was a Barbie doll for nearly every fantasy and every profession. These days, Barbie dolls have taken a step further with their celebrity embodiments. Here are celebrities with their own dolls. We’ll judge whether or not the doll resembles the person or not by voting: Totally Nailed It, Nailed It, Kind of Nailed It, Total Miss. Check them out!

#1 – Jennifer Lopez. Kind of Nailed It.
In 2013, actress and singer, Jennifer Lopez had two Barbie dolls to hit the shelves. One wore a gown and the other one wore a dancing outfit.


#2 –  Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. Nailed It.
Country music’s hottest couple, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw had their very own dolls to debut in 2011.

#3 – Heidi Klum. Kind of Nailed It.
Model, Heidi Klum’s likeness debuted in 2009 as part of Barbie’s Blonde Ambition Collection.

#4 – Zendaya. Totally Nailed It.
Zendaya’s Barbie looks very much like she did during the 2015 Oscars.

#5 – Prince William and Princess Kate. Totally Nailed It For Princess Kate. Total Miss For Prince William
For their one year anniversary in 2012, the Barbie brand recreated their likeness based on what they looked like on their wedding day.

# 6 – Gabby Douglas. Nailed It.
Gymnast, Gabby Douglas’ had her very own doll debut just ahead of the 2016 Rio Games.

#7 – Ava Duverany. Kind of Nailed It.
Selma director, Ava Duverany had her doll to debut in December 2015.

#8 – Beyonce’ – Total Miss
Queen B had her very own doll created. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look much like her at all.

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