When was the last time you heard of a celeb actually doing their own makeup? That’s an easy line for an A-lister to drop in an attempt to seem relatable, but actress Emmy Rossum actually follows through on her word. While she loves working with a makeup artist as much as the next girl, she also likes to keep a few tricks up her sleeve for days when she doesn’t have the help of a pro or simply wants to blaze a trail on her own. DIY beauty must become a whole lot easier when you spend most of your makeup chair hours learning from the best in the biz! Luckily for us, Rossum is willing to share. In an interview with Allure, she disclosed one of her favorite tricks (she likes to match her makeup to her dresses!) offered up her a few tips for getting glam:

“Blend, blend, blend. Go slowly. And look at yourself in different lights. The light in your bathroom might be very yellow, and when you get out into the daylight, your face might look very different.”

I can’t count how many times I’ve learned the downside of bad lighting the hard way! Based on what she told the mag, Rossum has too:

“I have very thin skin, and the blue veins under my eyes show, so in that past I’ve tried to cover them using concealer that was too thick for my skin. It’s better to leave slight flaws than to look overly made up and clownish.”

I couldn’t agree more. Trying to hide flaws can simply make us look, well, more flawed! Sometimes, the biggest beauty secret of all is loving the way we look in our own skin. Thanks for the tip, Emmy!

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