Would you like to know which of your favorite celebs are the best tippers? Leaving behind a 15% to 20% tip is customary, but apparently not everyone got the memo. Case in point, some of your favorite celebs. Check out the list of celebrities below for which ones are the best and worst tippers.

090909 – Generous
Soccer god, David Beckham was once noted for his $900 tip on a $100 tab at Joxer Daily’s Pub in Culver City, California.

Brittany Spears – Stingy
Singer, Brittany Spears once walked out of a restaurant without leaving anything for the waiter.

Johnny Depp – Generous
Mr. Depp is known for leaving great tips. Once he left a waiter at the Gibsons Steakhouse a $4,000 tip.

Amy Schumer – Generous
She really made one waiter’s night by leaving a $1,000 tip because he made her cocktail dreams come true.

Usher – Stingy
It’s a shame that Usher is a bad tipper. He’s known to leave no money at all and instead leaves his autograph.

Drew Carrey – Generous
Drew Carey once left a waiter in Los Angeles a $400 tip.

Rachel Ray – Stingy
Can you believe it? The food talk show host is actually stingy when it comes to tipping and boasts about it on her show.

Charlize Theron – Generous
She once left a $100 for a $3.50 order.

Tiger Woods – Stingy
He may have built a half a billion dollar empire off of his golfing career, but he’s still a bad tipper. It is said that while out with a former lady friend; she had to cover the gratuity because he wouldn’t do it.

Jessica Simpson – Generous
The fashion mogul left a $300 tip on a $500 order.

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