If you don’t already know what I’m talking about- Harry Styles just announced the release of his second album, and the whole world is shaking. Styles posted an Instagram photo just a few days ago with that caption as well as a sneak peek at the album cover. All we know for now is that the album name is “Fine Line,” and it will be released on Dec. 13. Leave it to Harry Styles to have us begging for more for the next month.

Just in October, Harry Styles released the lead single “Lights Up,” which we didn’t know then would be the first look at his second album. We also found out that he will be featuring as a host and performing artist on an SNL episode in November. It looks like our holiday season is going to be full of Harry Styles, and well, I guess my Christmas wishes are already coming true.

Just a day after Styles revealed the upcoming release of his album, he also posted on Instagram a look into his premiere performance of “Fine Line” to take place on Dec. 13 at The Forum in California. The tickets are $25, so a quick sellout is expected.

In addition to just getting to hear Style’s dreamy voice one again, the album will be released on both CD and vinyl- and better yet, will offer a 32-page book with behind-the-scenes photos of Harry at the recording studio.

Style’s first album was released in 2017 and titled none other than “Harry Styles” itself. With hit songs like “Sweet Creature” and “Sign of the Times,” which are STILL stuck in our heads, two years later, we are expecting big things from “Fine Line.”

So from now until Dec. 13, you can find me listening to every Harry Styles song, patiently awaiting the album drop.