As the coronavirus continues to spread throughout the world and people becoming increasingly concerned about how to protect themselves from getting infected, we’re also reminded that celebrities — though they may seem other-worldly with their perfect skin and unnervingly white teeth — are just as susceptible to illnesses like the coronavirus as any of us regular people. The main difference is how they prepare for such a risk factor, which is decidedly not at all like us, regular people.

As supplies become scarce and people look for ways to protect themselves from the coronavirus, celebrities are also snapping up protective supplies. Leave it to Bella Hadid to show us that even when we all wear the same N95 respirator face mask that covers more than half our faces, we still won’t serve a fierce virus-fighting look like her. We might be getting an interesting glimpse into some future runway inspiration, though.

No one does extreme health preparedness like the wellness icon Gwyneth Paltrow. Here she is on a flight with the Rolls-Royce of respirator face masks — a Swedish, minimalistic designed super filtration system face mask called the Urban Air 2.0. If you have to do pandemic protection, you might as well do it in style and class, right? Paltrow’s Instagram caption makes reference to the fact that she starred in the movie Contagion (2011) that features an eerily similar plot to what is currently developing with the coronavirus.

On that same Instagram post, you can find poor Kate Hudson lamenting, “At least you have the right mask!!! ” in regards to her own coronavirus protection post on Instagram. The ever-understanding public quickly jumped in to inform Kate that her attempts at pandemic preparedness were not exactly research-driven, as the surgical mask she wore in her photo is not effective at preventing the transmission of the coronavirus. But hey, celebrities, they get their pandemic preparation efforts wrong sometimes just like the rest of us!

Well, not every celebrity, that is. No one is ready to beat the coronavirus into submission like the infamous Naomi Campbell (pun not intended). A dedicated longterm germaphobe, Naomi shows her Youtube channel how she flies, which includes a lot of disinfectant. While this video dates to July 2019, we’re thinking that Naomi’s airport routine might start looking a little less obsessive and a lot more prepared amid today’s coronavirus fears.

While not every method celebrities use to protect themselves from coronavirus is necessarily effective or even affordable, their attempts to prepare and protect themselves remind us that even when they’re really not like us at all in some ways, they are still just a little bit like us in other ways.