Katy Perry may be known for her ever-changing series of over-the-top looks, but deep down, she has a surprisingly grounded view of beauty. When she chatted with PopSugar this week to share news about her new Mad Potion perfume, she was asked what she would call a song about beauty if she ever were to write one. Katy’s answer was surprising:

“It would be called ‘No Product in the World Can Ever Make You Beautiful.’ Because I definitely believe it’s all about self love, first and foremost, and then you can just play and highlight with all the extra products. It doesn’t matter if you have all of the products in the world — it’s important to reach beauty from a different place that’s not sold to you. I’m only talking about things that highlight the natural beauty that you have.”

Love this! Who knew a woman who regularly hits the stage with neon hair and whipped cream bras felt so genuine about embracing our true looks? In fact, that core sense of confidence is probably what makes her brave enough to play around with so many looks in the first place! I can’t help but agree with her advice. Thanks for being real, Katy.