You may know Jana Kramer from her days on the (amazing) hit show One Tree Hill, but now, the country singer has moved on to bigger and better things in her life. The 31-year-old star recently announced her first pregnancy with her husband, NFL athlete Mike Caussin, and just released her second studio album, “Thirty One,” this month.

Not one to shy away from intimate topics, Jana Kramer took time to speak with us about her previous heartbreak, how she keeps her feelings raw in her upcoming album, and her best red-carpet beauty tips (she’s gorgeous, so we had to ask!). Read on to find out more!

YouBeauty: So, tell me about your album. Congratulations on finishing it!

Jana Kramer: I’m really excited, it’s been quite a process to get it there! I’m glad that I had a little bit of patience because I was able to write some songs that I’m really proud of, so it’s an album I can truly stand behind.

YB: Yes, I read that you co-wrote 6 out of 11 songs, right?

JK: It was going to be 7, but last minute we found an amazing song that we just had to include. I’ve definitely grown a lot as a songwriter, which has been great.

YB: I know a lot of your past songs have been based on your romantic experiences—does this album have that as well?

JK: Yeah, I definitely write about my past experiences. Inspiration can go all the way back to my high school sweetheart, which is the song “I Got The Boy.” There’s always one, whether it was your high school sweetheart, your college, or whatever, but there’s always the one that didn’t end up being your guy. The one that had a hold of your heart. I’ll always talk about past heartbreak because that’s the best inspiration you can draw from.

YB: So true. Switching gears a little bit, what beauty tips have you learned over the years from other pros in the industry? Do you have any favorite brands that you like to use?

JK: Filling in my eyebrows is one that I never really did, but I love doing now. I love MAC eyeshadows, NARS blush, Bobbi Brown for bronzer, Giorgio Armani for foundation and Anastasia for my brows. For mascara I just use CoverGirl.

YB: I know you recently partnered with Colgate Optic White Express White Toothpaste and I can’t help but notice how white your teeth are!

JK: Thank you! I partnered with Colgate for the 49th annual CMA awards. I’m really excited because I grew up a Colgate girl and I had braces twice, the whole nine yards. So, for me, a smile and white teeth was everything. I think it’s super important, especially being on the red carpet, to make sure that your smile is one of your best accessories. Do you have this? The Colgate Optic White Toothbrush + Whitening Pen?

YB: No, I haven’t tried it yet!

JK: It’s fantastic! It’s new and whitens your teeth in only three days. So, you know how all the other ones take forever? This one works super quickly and it comes in a travel size, which is great because it’s flight-friendly. The Optic White pen is amazing because it’s gentle and I can use it everyday, especially before big events.

Jana Kramer’s album “Thirty One” is on sale now. Interview has been edited and condensed.

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