The self care buzz is really catching on nowadays. And the idea of it can mean a lot of different things depending on the person. For some, it means binging out on ice cream or Reese’s Cups. For others, it means massages, spa days and nap time.

But for Jenna Jameson, there’s deeper meaning behind it.  Since becoming a mom, she admits that there’s very little time for indulging in “superficial” activities such as shopping excursions. Because now her days are filled with Badanamu on YouTube (a popular kids show), and picking up flashcards off the floor. Plus, she’s trying to stay sober. She shared that being in recovery and being a good mom means you have to be accountable and sort through your feelings instead of trying to drown them or ignore them.

So, each day is filled with reflecting on how far she’s come. She posted on her Instagram: “Peace to stay sober and to achieve what I normally thought was impossible. So Batelli’s nap time doubles as meditation time for mama.”

If you want some ideas for self care consider working out, cleaning, getting outside, or writing. Basically, anything that is calming and allows you to center your thoughts is good.

Above all, take Jenna’s advice and never let anything get in the way of your “me time”.

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