Jennifer Aniston is in the spotlight once more as “Friends” revivals hit streaming networks, runways, and home decor stores. It’s the show that bought uncountable fame to her doorstep, so it makes sense we immediately equate her with “Friends.”

But she’s stayed strong as an actress throughout her years, playing a variety of romantic and comedy roles for which she is still known and admired. Despite going gaga over her in the shows, fans have always fawned over how Aniston seems to stay young and fit no matter how much time passes. What’s her secret? We’re breaking down all of Jennifer Aniston’s health and wellness tips over the years.

Diet Plans

A healthy body is a beautiful body, according to Jennifer Aniston. She always keeps what she eats under a strict check and emphasizes having a healthy breakfast. In her interviews, she always emphasizes that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. It provides energy throughout, like fuel for starting a car. Jennifer prefers milkshakes with protein powder and maca powder, which is also a smart option to fill up your tummy if you work out. She’s also a big advocate of low-carb diets, being one of the primary spokespeople for the Atkins diet.

Self Care

Jennifer insists on making time for self-care, as it is essential for a high-speed lifestyle. Self-care is not just applying a plethora of creams and going on vacation. Give yourself time to recognize what you want and what you need. According to Jennifer Aniston, meditation is yet another key to self-actualization. In the morning, she likes to make herself a cup of coffee, sit back and relax for the moment and enjoy each sip from her cup.

She also explained that one of her current healthy obsessions is with infra-red saunas her friend Courtney Cox has. She claims this is what helps her maintain a proper sleep cycle and clear skin. She also added that yoga and cardio are her first love in terms of working out.

Healthy Lifestyle

Aniston plays around with an active lifestyle and a balanced diet. Her lunch and dinners are mainly veggies, leans proteins, and vitamins. In simpler words, she likes to keep things clean and fuel the body.

Jennifer Aniston is not only a beauty inspiration but also a health inspiration. So take a cue for her for a healthy lifestyle!