Wouldn’t it be great if your fave celeb had an app? If your fave celeb is Jeremy Renner, you’re in luck! It features such, well, features, as owning a bunch of stars:


You can also see all of Jeremy Renner’s social media posts and photos in one place. Unless, of course, you’re on a United flight. They sincerely apologize, Thomas:

All jokes aside, this is the next Tulum of memes. Trolls unite on the Instagram-looking platform to deliver some of their best content and induct unsuspecting Ren-stans into their private hell.


As the trolls take over Jeremy’s posts, the fan feed provides a daily glimpse into the minds of Renner fans.

So, if you’re ready for an app to entertain the hell out of you, this is the black hole of your dreams.

Otherwise, if you just want to see what Jeremy posts, you can just follow him on IG and get the same experience minus the extra troll fun.