If there’s anyone we want to hear good news from during this rather bleak time, it’s definitely the beloved John Krasinski. I think we can all agree we need some positivity and good news, so shout out John for coming in clutch with his new YouTube channel, Some Good News, or SGN, for short.

While the news today is typically filled with hard facts and sad stories, SGN shares happy, positive moments. So if you catch yourself wondering if there could be anything good going on in the world, John Krasinski is here to tell you that there absolutely is. And if the idea couldn’t get any better, yesterday’s video featured John’s fellow The Office cast member, Steve Carrel. Talk about an iconic duo.

Besides sharing good news and heartwarming stories, John and Steve reminisced on their years on The Office just in time for the show’s 15-year anniversary. John included a heartfelt shout-out to the health care community who are putting their lives at risk and how the entire globe is showing their appreciation. He also included videos of how people across the world are spending their time indoors and staying positive during these difficult times.

We need as many laughs as we can get, so a huge shout out to John Krasinski for creating a news platform that will deliver that.

To hear more good news, check out Some Good News for yourself: