Anyone on Instragram recognizes the #IWokeUpLikeThis selfie. When someone—usually a gorgeous supermodel, singer or star—posts an impossibly flawless shot of themselves upon waking up in the morning. They look perfect and you feel bad about yourself because you look nothing like that when you roll out of bed. You tell yourself most are faked anyway, but they still manage to make you feel inadequate.

Lena Dunham of HBO’s “Girls” changed all that this morning, posting a very honest “bedstagram.” With messy hair and smeared eyeliner, she’s telling it like it is. “Is this what Beyonce was singing about?” says Dunham. “Also, pretty depressing that this look isn’t even fueled by one ounce of alcohol.”

It’s not depressing, Lena, it’s real—and thank you for that!

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