Some of these hot guys already enjoy stardom, and some will see their first breakout roles in 2018. They make our hearts beat a little faster when we see their beautiful faces on billboards. Whether they’re playing the live-action version of our favorite cartoon crush, a super hero who saves the world or the bad guy we can’t resist, these are the actors we look forward to seeing a lot in 2018. Their stars are on the rise, and we’re eager to see a lot more of them.

Ezra Miller

Ezra Miller is already famous following his star turn in Justice League, but 2018 promises to be his biggest year so far. Look for him next to headline in Fantastic Beasts 2.

Tom Bateman

This Brit is on the fast train to stardom with his role in Murder on the Orient Express. Look for Tom in the upcoming Vanity Fair series and a role in the Liam Neeson movie Hard Powder.

Gregg Sulkin

Add Gregg Sulkin to the year’s list of big names. You’ll see him as Chase Stein in Marvel’s Runaways TV series, and then you also can look for his handsome face in 2018’s Status Update.

Robert Sheehan

Look for upcoming roles as Carolos Casagemas in Genius and Tom in Mortal Engines to keep this handsome Irish actor on your screen all year. You probably already recognize him as Sheehan from British TV’s Misfits.

Henry Zaga

Henry Zaga will be taking a superheroic turn in X-Men: New Mutants following his breakout role as Brad in 13 Reasons Why.

Tye Sheridan

He’ll be taking the lead in the highly anticipated Ready Player One. You’ll already recognize Tye from his role as the young Cyclops in X-Men: Apocalypse. He will continue playing the character in 2018’s X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

Alden Ehrenreich

No role is a better guarantee of instant stardom than playing the young Han Solo, and Alden has snagged it. Look for him to shoot to the A-List overnight.

Mena Massoud

Who’s your favorite cartoon crush? You can get ready to transfer your swoon to the real live Mena Massoud in Disney’s live-action Aladdin. The movie won’t show up until 2019, but you can bet advance publicity will bring Mena front and center next year.

Ray Fisher

A starring role as Cyborg in Justice League guarantees he’ll be on your screen throughout 2018. Look for his good looks to win Fisher a standalone DC movies in a few years.

Timothee Chalamet

Fast fame is headed Chalamet’s way following his role in the critically acclaimed Lady Bird. You saw him first in 2017’s Call Me By Your Name.

Winston Duke

His role as an iconic Marvel villain won’t stop you from falling in love with Winston. Quite the contrary. He plays Man/Ape M’Baku in Black Panther.

Henry Golding

Henry Golding is set to charm audiences as the romantic lead in Crazy Rich Asians.

Brenton Thwaites

Thwaites played a co-lead in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, but he’s ready to ramp it up when he dons the spandex as NIghtwing in Teen Titans.

Chadwick Boseman

Boseman is headed for the stratosphere headlining his own superhero movie as T’Challa in 2018’s Black Panther. His breakout role was in Captain America: Civil War.

O’Shea Jackson Jr.

Look for O’Shea’s beautiful face in two 2018 movies. He also has as a role in Godzilla King of Monsters in early 2019.

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