Will Byers and Eleven are back at it again, except this time, they’re not trapped in the Upside Down- they’re taking the best friends quiz. Stranger Things stars Noah Schnapp and Millie Bobbie Brown have taken their bond off-screen by showing a clip of them taking a best friend quiz about each other. Noah Schnapp is both an actor and now a YouTuber and posted the video to his channel.

The two hilariously guess each other’s favorites, in trying to test out how well they actually know each other. This video is a popular trend on YouTube, but Noah and Millie’s is definitely one of the funniest I’ve seen. Their off-screen bond seems to be pretty intense, as they knew the answer to the majority of the questions. The banter between the two is enough to make you laugh, let alone the actual questions.

Check out the hilarious video and adorable bond between Noah and Millie: