Although traveling isn’t really in store for us this summer, we can still live vicariously through others. These movies will give you that exciting feeling of child-like wonder you get while traveling to new places and keep your summer entertaining.

Into the Wild
This movie is based on a true story and portrays the journey of a guy who sees the world differently than others. His goal is to go to Alaska and live in the wilderness away from modern life as we know it. This story is about exploration, emotions we encounter, and the gifts nature gives us.

Eat Pray Love
This movie was quite a hit when it came out and for a good reason. It portrays how traveling, exploring different cultures, and meeting different people helps us find our place in the world and explore our passions. This summer is the perfect time to rewatch this movie.

Midnight in Paris
Just the title of this movie sounds dreamy. Midnight walks in Paris are something very magical. This romantic movie showcases how great the 1920s were. This movie will make you fall in love with Paris and plan out your next trip there.

Under the Tuscan Sun
This movie will take you to a warm Italian countryside to explore Italian culture and landscapes. Although the movie may seem generic at first, it stands out using incredibly beautiful scenery and a great cast that includes Diane Lane and Sandra Oh. This movie won’t only help you travel to Italy but also help you realize that there are always second chances in life.

Reese Witherspoon is absolutely brilliant in every movie, and this one is no exception. After living through some painful and life-changing experiences, Cheryl, the character Reese plays takes off on a thousand miles long hike. This journey helps her heal from her trauma and learn more about herself as she travels alone.

Paris looks absolutely dreamy in this movie. Amélie will help you explore Paris differently and guide you through varied and stunning parts of the city. This movie will help you to find a different outlook on life and a way to be happy.