The Navarro Cheer Team had everyone obsessed when the documentary, Cheer, came out in January. The documentary put cheerleading in a whole new light and I give lots of respect to all the cheerleaders who go through so much for their team. We saw the highs and the lows, the good and the ugly, of cheerleading with the documentary and I think we all know now just how intense the sport actually is.

However, to everyone’s dismay, the NCA & NDA Collegiate Cheer and Dance Championship has been cancelled due to coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns. The competition was to take place in Daytona, FL, and this is the first time in 40 years that the competition is being cancelled.

While this is upsetting for many reasons, it is especially so for the members of the team whose last season this was. Team members Gabi Butler, Jerry Harris, Morgan Simianer, La’Darius Marshall, and Shannon Woolsey all shared their emotions on social media following the upsetting news.

Between the various talk shows and Oscar appearances, we can only hope that the major success of the first season of Cheer is met with a second season. There is no denying that cheerleading demands countless hours and endless hard work, and we have the documentary to thank for finally putting the sport in the light it deserves to be in.

Check out some of the emotional posts the Navarro team members have shared:

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as im typing this with uncontrollable tears running down my face, i can’t help but think about how bad i just want one more performance with navarro cheer. the amount of love i have for this program is indescribable. i never could have imagined the season ending like this. thanking this program extremely for shaping me into the person i am today, and for being my home away from home. i am so so grateful for every single experience i got to be a part of in the past 3 years. i would never trade any of it for the world. i can’t wrap my head around daytona being cancelled and the season ending way too early, but College cheerleading you did me extremely well & i will miss you more than anything ❤️ FIOFMU forever and ever. – to all the newbies coming to navarro in the future, treasure the time you have there, you will NEVER get anything like it again.

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