Pippa Middleton recently confirmed she is indeed pregnant with she and her husband, James Matthews’ first child. The writer and younger sister of Duchess Kate Middleton has recently opened up to share details about her first trimester. One thing she’s for sure glad of is that she didn’t suffer morning sickness like her sister did.

She was stunned, however, at the lack of technical information out there about pregnancy fitness. Pippa expressed how important sports and fitness is to her and as a result of being pregnant has had to modify her routines. But due to lack of information out there, she’s had to do a ton of research and modification on her own.

So, why didn’t she ask a fitness instructor?

She said that she and her husband wanted to keep the pregnancy a secret until she safely got through the “early months”. So, she took what she was doing and adapted as she went along to a regimen that fit her needs. She expressed that she works out for 45 minutes at a time about three to four a days  week. She ensures that her routines are lighter than usual.

Like every pregnant woman, she’s noticed her body changing, but with exercise she’s feeling her body become stronger.

Middleton, a socialite and Matthews, a race car driver have been married a little over a year. The newly weds immediately started trying for a baby after getting married.

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