No one can roast you quite like your family can.

And when your family is the Kardashians, well, be prepared for a roast of the century.

It’s no secret that the Kardashian-Jenner clan like to make fun of each other. We see it on KUWTK, we see it all over social media. And this year, they’re taking the playful tease to a whole new level.

The December 15 episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians featured the regular gang… except everyone looked a little bit different. And that’s because this episode featured each member of the gang dressed up as one another.

Kendall was Kylie (pink hair, lip gloss, and all), Kim was Kourtney, and Kris was Khloé. But my personal faves have to be Kourtney’s iconic impression of Kim and all her Yeezys and Khloé pretending to be Kris with her favoritism of her “billion dollar baby” Kylie.

Not only are the impressions spot-on, they’re down right hilarious.

The only one missing from the gang is Kylie, but we got our glimpse of her from both Kendall AND Penelope. Because a Kardashian-Jenner dinner wouldn’t be anything without Kylie Jenner.

Check out the hilarious episode for yourself and see how your family really roasts you best: