Tan France, aka the fashion expert on Queer Eye, has taken his talents to another media platform: YouTube. His new YouTube series, titled Dressing Funny, where he styles different celebrities. In a previous episode, he took some style inspiration from comedian Pete Davidson and dressed John Mulaney- in an outfit that was wholly and utterly not John Mulaney.

However, on his most recent episode, he decided to turn the tables and dress Pete Davidson in a John Mulaney inspired outfit. And boy, were the results different.

Pete Davidson was surprisingly impressed in his newfound style. After a few outfit attempts from Tan, he finally found something that stuck out: a sleek grey suit. Unfortunately, Pete Davidson didn’t seem to know to rule of being careful when eating in a suit and decided to chow down on a burger, while Tan watched in shock.

To see the final reveal and all the work that went into it, check out Tan’s video: Tan France Gives Pete Davidson a John Mulaney Makeover.